A319 / A320 / A321 Captains - NEW ROLE

Contract Term 3 years renewable
Location/Base: China, Guilin
Ref #: 014
Aircraft Type: A319 / A320 / A321

A320 Captain


Contract Term:

3 years renewable


Guilin, Guangzhou

Minimum Requirements:

Total Time: 3000 + hours

PIC time: 300 + PIC hours on type

Experience: 5 years flight experience with a commercial airline/company

Currency: Last Flight as PIC on type within the last 12 months

Age: Under 55 years at date of application

English Proficiency: Valid ICAO Level 4

Ground School:

60% of payment during Ground Training

80% of payment during Line Training


Option 1: USD 21,000 per month

Option 2: USD 18,500 per month

Option 3: USD 17,500 per month

Option 4: USD 16,000 per month

Annual Bonus:

USD 24,000 per year

Sick Leave:

8 days per year

Time Off and Annual Leave:

Option 1: 90 days per year or 6 Weeks on 2 weeks off

Option 2: 110 days per month or 9 days off per month

Option 3: 120 days per month, 10 days of per month, or 6 weeks on 3 weeks off

Option 4: 120 days per month or 11 days off per month


Up to USD 300 per hour

Commuting allowance

RMB 3,000 per month, plus reimbursement of high speed train between Guilin and Guangzhou

Annual Travel Benefits:

USD 12,000 per year


USD 1,500 per month

Meal Allowance:

RMB 5,000 per month

Renewal contract bonus

USD 30,000

Insurance Coverage

Worldwide medical coverage exclude USA

Lose of license coverage with up to RMB 1.5 million


USD 500 per month per child, with maximum of 2 children


Please email the following documents to Kammy (kammy@fqctw.com)

*   Application Form

*   ATP License - showing valid on type rating

*   ICAO English Proficiency Certificate (if not endorsed on your ATPL)

*   Medical certificate

*   Last Simulator Proficiency Check and Line Check Reports

*   Logbook entries of previous 6 months

*   CV/Resume

*   Passport